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Sharing your insights and experiences can help others learn more about this rehab center. Instead, understand that you need to take additional measures to protect yourself against triggers and stressors. If you don’t have healthy coping mechanisms in place currently, we can help you learn and develop so you understand how to take extra-special care of yourself and enjoy a happy, healthy life.

mikes off road recovery

He has also made appearances on other fabrication and heavy equipment channels such as Robby Layton, Hunter Goodrich, and HeavyDSparks. When no seats were available, Trevor rode on the spare tires of Jeeps that were being rescued. Jefe has assisted on several recoveries with his black Ford Super Duty. He also owned a Can Am Maverick until he gave it away as a prize at the 2023 Off Road Wrecker Games. Knowing that he was a fan of the new Ford Bronco, Matt bought Jefe a grey 2023 Bronco with a Wildtrak Sasquatch trim.


According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, alcohol and drug addiction is defined as recurrent substance use that causes clinically significant impairment. In other words, if you use alcohol or drugs and it’s causing problems in your personal, professional or school life, you should consider seeking treatment. Trauma therapy addresses traumatic incidents from a client’s past that are likely affecting their present-day experience.

  • Tom earned his master’s degree in physics, and then another degree in nuclear engineering.
  • Many sufferers find themselves isolated or otherwise only associating with people in the common pursuit of substance abuse.
  • The rehab also offers medication assisted treatment (MAT) for individuals with specific substance use disorders.
  • Donations for the all-abilities park in Hurricane are still open on Matt’s Off-Roading website and will remain open until Sunday, May 15, at midnight.

In 2013, Matt purchased Winder Towing, the name under which he still operates. He worked in conventional towing for 10 years before starting his YouTube channel. The detoxification program at Inroads to Recovery provides a safe and monitored environment for individuals to rid their bodies of harmful substances. Medical professionals offer assistance and supervision during this critical initial phase of treatment. The Jewish community faces unique challenges when it comes to addiction treatment. For many years, sobriety issues were treated with skepticism, with some people in the community suggesting that it wasn’t possible for Jewish people to struggle with addiction disorders.


Matt’s Off-Road Recovery then joined in and used its audience to help gather resources. Skeeter’s first mention on the channel was that he was the owner of the ex-military 5 ton that Matt and his team tested at Sand Hollow. Once Matt dismissed the idea of modifying a 5 ton for his off road wrecker, Skeeter helped source the MRAP axles for the heavy wrecker build. He pitched in to help with fabrication and welding, as well as recovery work.

mikes off road recovery

Jaymie is Matt’s wife, an employee of Matt’s Off Road Recovery, and a member of the crew. Matt met Jaymie when she was a teller at the bank Matt had his accounts with. Jefe (Jeff) is an employee of Matt’s Off Road Recovery and a member of the crew.

Life-Changing Addiction Treatment Programs Designed to Fit Your Situation and Schedule

Outpatient rehab is best for those who’ve already completed our partial hospitalization program or who have successfully completed an inpatient program at another facility. Outpatient care is designed for those who are prepared to transition back into their own home. Some insurance providers do cover the cost of outpatient rehab, but in some cases, this coverage is limited. Our team can run a private approval with your insurance provider to determine how much coverage you may be eligible for. To make donations to the park via Matt’s Off-Road Recovery website, click here.

If you’re still in that place, you probably require the additional support of PHP or IOP care. GOP addiction treatment is ideal for individuals who are confident in their sobriety but understand the need for ongoing maintenance. Rooted in the 12 Step Recovery Model, the residential drug rehab program offers a structured and supportive setting for individuals requiring intensive care.

During drug rehab in Nebraska, you’ll participate in therapies that address the many issues that contribute to addiction. Treatment includes physical, mental, emotional, and relational aspects. These methods provide the tools you need to achieve long-term recovery. Odyssey House helps New Yorkers in need overcome drug and alcohol abuse, improve their physical and mental health, and defeat homelessness. Opioid rehabs specialize in supporting those recovering from opioid addiction.

mikes off road recovery

It requires applying techniques that are learned through evidence-based counseling, mutual-support groups, and other related therapies. In fact, studies have shown that people who struggle with these and other conditions are two to three times  more likely to also suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. At Recovery at the Crossroads, we treat alcohol and drug addictions, as well as co-occurring substance abuse disorders. Prior to starting his recovery business, Matt worked in the roofing industry for 12 years – 10 as an employee and 2 with a company he co-founded called Skyline Roofing. In 2009, Matt bought his current shop along with the assets of a towing company, and founded Red Ryder Towing.

Matts OffRoad Crew

If you’re interested in learning more about addiction and recovery, here are a few organizations that can provide treatment options, information and support. The World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker, otherwise known on the channel as the Heavy Wrecker, is a custom-built off road recovery rig with the cab from a 1956 International Harvester R220 fire truck. A playlist on Matt’s Off Road Recovery contains all the build videos for the Heavy Wrecker since the beginning.

  • They also offer flexibility for clients who may be unable to leave their work or family to receive inpatient care.
  • Treatment for drug addiction varies depending on the substance used, the quantity and the duration of use.
  • Instead, a mixture of genetic and environmental factors must be present for the illness to take hold.
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